Restaurant menu QR code generation

The hospitality industry went through so many changes in the last few years. QR codes became an essential tool for every modern restaurant. QR code based menus were introduced as a nice touch free way to browse thorough offerings during the pandemic but now became a norm.

Restaurant and hotel owners have now realized that it is not only hygienic, but also pocket-friendly. Updating menus have now become as easy as clicking a few buttons. Businesses are not experimenting more with menu items and notifying loyal customers ahead of time.

Zitlin Menu Management has built-in feature to generate QR code for your menu

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By default, Zitlin publishes your Table/Room Service menu online with a QR code. You can take a printout of this QR code and place on tables and hotel rooms.

There are multiple design themes for you to select - pick any as per your taste. The online restaurant menu will get instantly updated.