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Efficiency & Profitability

Zitlin is designed for hotel owners who focuses of efficiency and profitability. Using Zitlin doesn't require special skills or training which in turn reduces operational cost. Manage your entire property from an easy to use interface.

Property Management System

Zitlin is a complete, fully integrated hotel management software that drives real results for your business. Use it to manage reservations and rate plans, optimize income with smarter pricing and promotions, customize reports and analytics, set up online booking tools and more.


Kitchen Management System

Zitlin connects you to your kitchen, front of house and back office. An integrated business management solution that brings together all of your day-to-day operations.

Create and track kitchen order tickets, transfer table orders to rooms and generate easy food invoices.

Restaurant Management (RMS)

Better Guest Relationship

Convert and retain your guests with scheduled reservation emails, enhance your communications and continue the conversation.

Engage with your guests easily. Customize your communication flow. Learn more about guests" needs and preferences before they arrive. Retain your guests to drive revenue and repeat bookings.

Better guest relationship management

Clever Insights

Zitlin comes with built-in analytics that provides insights you can use to power and increase your sales.

It helps you visualise key performance indicators (KPIs) for guest experiences, revenue management, restaurant menu performance, etc.

Hotel Business Analytics for growth

Ready to optimize your hotel and restaurant business operations?

Zitlin gives you a total overview of your guests' behavior so you can run your entire business seamlessly.

Starting from ₹ 7,200 per year

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