Online exams and viewing exam results are still very painful in India. Screen freeze and server unavailability during traffic spikes are extremely common.

Zitlin solves this problem by using modern software architecture and technologies like in-memory data storage, lightweight UIs and serverless code deployed across the globe to gain exceptional performance, reliability, and scale.


Grade Card

With custom grade card templates, participants can download your organization's branded grade card in PDF format. Our scalable 'grade module' can also be used independently.


Organize exams in any language - support for all Indian languages.

Light Weight

Our platform is developed 'mobile first' and tested to run smoothly on 3G networks.


Easily embed registration forms and exam links in your own website/app.

Mathematical formulas

We fully support LaTeX.


Use your own organization logo & colors on registration forms, exam UIs.

Answer Types

Multiple choice answers and free text input types are currently supported.


Text based questions can be uploaded in multiple languages. Questions can also have accompanying images.


Be it for 100 or 10,000 - performance will not degrade. Based on the participant's location, the nearest edge server will be chosen.


Add multiple members to your account with fine grained roles to view questions, answers, registrations, payments, etc.


Exams can be made paid only - support for all popular Indian bank gateways, credit/debit cards. Offline payments are also supported.

Auto Save

If there's any connectivity issue, participants will not loose already (auto) saved answers.